About Me!!

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Fhatuwani Roshuma Mudau

Nnda, Nne ndi pfi Fhatuwani Roshuma Mudau

Fhatuwani li bva kha khotsi anga (Thilivhali Thomas Mudau)
Roshuma li bva kha mme anga (Takalani Georginah Mudau)

Vhanzhi vha ndivha nga la Fhatuwani.

I was born on the 8th of April 1985 in Tshilidzini Hospital.
My Home is Messina Nancefield.

I started my primary at Nzhelele Primary in Venda and also Makushu in Musina.
Due to family issues i found myself in many different schools until i completed
my High School at hammanskraal in Prestige College.
My life has been a journey that when i look back i say to myself "Time flies!!"

Some of my High School mates have past away, some are running their own
Businesses and some are even married, Some are still mad about the world of
Technology like myself and this friend of mine Faith Honde,
well guese that's the true aspects of life.


My Strength
• Hardworking and confidence.
• Overcoming of circumstances no matter what.
• Always willing to learn something new in the world of IT everyday.

My Weaknesses
• Easily angered.
• Confrontation
• Too Emotional in Sensitive things or information.

My Fears
• Fear of Height.
• Fear of Darkness.
• Fear of Reptiles.

My Ambition(s)
• To become one of the best Web Developer in SA "possibly also in the world".
• To master JAVA programming language.
• To develop games using JAVA.